About us

The team of plusmedia GmbH

Markus Voigt
Markus VoigtFounder and CEO
Jens Reimann
Jens ReimannHead of Production
Christiane Buckow
Christiane BuckowGraphics
Dominik Sostmann
Dominik SostmannAudiovisual Media Designer
Katja Defren-Janson
Katja Defren-JansonData Juggler

Our history

Founded by media professionals with decades of expertise in the AV-media business the company started in 2012 as plusmedia postproduction GmbH. After very successful years and the accompanying growth the company’s name was changed to plusmedia GmbH. The logo and the webpage have been modernised to additionally reflect the increasing complexity in digital workflows.


Together with renowned business partners we offer services like film scanning and restoration, subtitling, e-accessibility and will continue to adopt our portfolio to rapidly changing needs. Whatever the future for A/V-media will be – we will be part of it!